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Wednesday Morning Coffee Reads: Top Articles for the past week

Start your Wednesday with a review of recent blog post in the Ecommerce space.

Clearly a lot of posts are delivering last minute suggestions on what to do now that Christmas is here. Of course, planning is everything, if you did not plan right, the next 6 weeks will be very difficult. However if you did plan right it does not mean you can kick back and relax. In fact have a look at the articles below as to whether you can still increase your sales over the next weeks. Remember doing 1% better in December is as valuable as doing 10% better in June for many businesses.

  • Robert Durkin from Econsultancy on how to get your products optimised on Comparison Search Engines
  • Comment: In my opinion it is smart to look at Comparison Search Engines, however do not spend a huge amount of time on them. Getting your listings on Google/Amazon/eBay right, and ensuring your own website’s SEO is much more important than these search engines. However there still is a pocket of customers that prefer comparison sites. If you feel confident everything else is optimised for Christmas, it is a no-brainer to serve your search engine customers as well.

  • Neil Patel of QuickSprout (Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics) on Upselling
  • Comment: Great lesson here for any business, if you have a captive audience maximise that moment, without doing anything appalling to them. The big Ecommerce businesses have know this for years, why shouldn’t you do so as well? Be smart about it though, work with someone that has done this before, and most importantly, keep your unique feel. I see cross-sell on any major website these days, unfortunately the artwork for them looks all exactly the same, to me this comes across as fake and impersonal. You have spent a lot of time on your website’s look and feel, do not forget this in the up/cross-sell!

  • Georgina Laudi of Unbounce with 15 resources on decreasing bounce rate
  • Comment: Very good resources in this post, if you have a spare 15 minutes, definitely browse through the various articles. Keeping your customer on your site (and converting) can be so much more cost-effective than improving your traffic!

  • Joseph Volcy from Base One on Google’s Hummingbird update must read
  • Comment: Google’s algorithms are updated rather consistently. Is your business ready for this? Joseph Volcy gives some specific Hummingbird insights, however as the landscape is ever changing, are you able to manage this change? What if another update comes through in 4 weeks, will you be able to cope during Christmas?

  • Mark Ellaway from Digital Fork on Designing for Conversion
  • Comment: Mark breaks down what a good website should look like when you are optimising for conversion. Very simple bullet points, are you checking all of these? If not, do make sure you find a way to add this to your website ASAP!.

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